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Flaxseed Breakfast bowl - Home Cooked Heroes
Yields: 4 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 15 Mins

Jila Walker - Home Cooked Heroes

Jila Walker is originally from Poole in Dorset (England) and has lived in Ibiza for the past 11 years.

In 1995 she studied at San Francisco Culinary Academy as a pastry chef, and then continued to study Nutrition Science, at Bauman College in California.

She’s worked as a private chef for some very prominent names in the electronic music industry over the years, including Solomun, The Martinez Brothers and Stacey Pullen.

Jila owns The grateful Chefs Ibiza, which provides her creative, highly experienced services to private clients all over the island.

She’s an extremely talented woman, one who prides herself on her knowledge for her craft, her dedication to what she does, and her passion for creating recipes that her clients not only thoroughly enjoy, but highly benefit from too.


This vegan (and gluten free) flaxseed breakfast bowl is a quick and easy breakfast to prepare if you’re always on the go in the mornings.

“Flaxseeds provide good dietary fibre and are great for your adrenal glands.” 


“They offer plant based omega 3’s and lignin’s, which can help protect against cancer cells and heart disease.”



This recipe is great to mix with various ingredients each day, from chocolate and nut butters, to berries and nut toppings.

You can also add Chia seeds for the magnesium content.


Jila is currently in the process of creating an amazing new digital platform for her business, but for now you can find out more via her email: or by visiting her Facebook and Instagram Pages.



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  • Blend Flaxseeds for 3-10 minutes (or until it's ground to your liking).
  • Mix the date and the mashed Banana together.
  • Add the Chia seeds and sea salt.
  • Add the plant-based Milk and blend all of these ingredients together.
  • Put into individual breakfast bowls and top with chopped Banana, Peanut Butter, Cacao nibs and Chocolate shavings.
  • Refrigerate for 60 minutes and enjoy **The bowls will last up to 4 days whilst refrigerated**


Nutrition Facts

Serving size 1 quarter cup:

Total Fat: 1.4g 2%, Dietary Fibre 8g  32%, Zero cholesterol, Protein 6.8g  14%, Calories 160, Total carbs 0.8g 0%, Sodium 93mg  4% 

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